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People Finding Secret - (Not a Secret Any More, I Guess)

Here's a people finding secret I only wish I had know about seven or eight months ago.

You see, back then, I really was looking for a few people. We had been in a comedy troupe in college and an article was being written about us (as opposed to me writing one...) and I was trying to get in touch with these folks so that we could get on a conference call with the interviewer.

My very first efforts at using the net to find people led me to the typical dead ends that we have all faced. Then I got a little (and I mean LITTLE BIT smarter) and my attention focused on the people finding search engines only.

Thinking that I had landed on the people finding secret of the century I was still let down. Only now the letting down came in the form of bad results and "FREE" searches that were not free.

(Angry face goes here.)

Like you might be right now, I just happened to be reading an article on someone's site which told me that the people finding secret that I was looking for did in fact exist and was very, very powerful and very very FREE!

Talk about eye-opening.

I was pointed toward the site armed with only the names of the people I was searching for and the states I knew that they lived in (or thought that they still lived in.) I did not have the Visa card with me. That stayed home...because I wanted to see if free MEANT FREE.

And it did!

After entering the data that I needed to enter, a screen popped up that basically told me that the search engine was retrieving the results that most companies charge for...and that MY free results would appear shortly!

Now we're talking.

To unlock those results I had to give my first name and email so that the engine could keep in touch if more results came to light.

And that was it.

I had literally found this people finding secret as a means of getting an interview together.

Now I realize that it has become so much more than that!

Do you love getting in on a great secret? Here is the absolute best People Finding Secret [] I have ever seen.

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Article Source:,-I-Guess)&id=1299516

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