find how to find information about a dead relative

how to find information about a dead relative

Have you ever tried searching for people online and came up empty-handed? Sure, there are millions of websites purportedly providing you with ways to find people online, and yet searching for people is still as difficult as ever. Or at least, it does not yield the kind of results one would expect with all this technology around to help us.

So maybe there is something that we’re doing wrong here – something that we are simply not doing in order to speed things up and get the results we want. In this article, we provide you with ways and little known tricks to find people online in the most expedient and efficient manner possible.

Search Engines

Search engines are inarguably the most powerful online searching tools on the web. We use search engines to search for almost anything, from music to news, recipes to videos, photos to travel information and so much more. In fact, we can even say that when we want to search for something, the first website we go to is a major search engine, like Google or Yahoo!

Now, when trying to find people online, search engines can be a powerful and efficient tools as well. The only downside to it is that the results can be very broad.

Take for example the name of “John Smith.” Google it and you should be able to get about 200 million results. That’s a lot of ground to cover just to find a single person. You’d be very lucky indeed if the person you are looking for can be found in the first 10 or 20 results.

Now, instead of trying out other methods to find people online, why not keep at it and try these neat tricks of narrowing your search down?

* Use quotation marks.

By enclosing your keyword with quotation marks (e.g., “John Smith”), you can reduce your results from 200 million to little more than a million.

* Include the location.

If you have an idea where the person you are trying to find is located, then include that in your search. Sometimes, it all takes is a single additional detail like a city in order to find people online more effectively.

* Check out other search engine options.

We’ve said it before and we say it again: the search engine is a powerful tool to use to find people online. The only problem is that not many of us take full advantage of all its wonderful features. Take for example the ADVANCED SEARCH option that most major search engines have. Most of us don’t even give that option a second glance. Another good trick is to click on the search tip links displayed usually in the right side corner of the webpage. These links will help you get more specific results on your subject.



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