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  • Criminal Records
  • Inmate Records
  • Sex Offenders
  • DUI/DWI Records
  • Court Records
  • Arrest Records
  • Warrant Records
  • Police Records
  • Address History
  • Death Index
  • Marital Status
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What Are the Different Kinds of Records You Can Search For in a People Find?

What is a people find? It is a search process by which you can find people. This can happen through several processes. You can manually try to find that person or take the help of books and old newspapers to find more information about the person. But the easiest and modern way to find people is to do a people search via the net. There are many kinds of records which you might find while doing a "people find".

Some Primary Records

The first record that can help you in finding the person is his birth record. Generally a person has a birth certificate. It is possible to get hold of this birth record through the net. If the person you are searching for has gone to a school, then there is bound to be a record for that. High school and colleges have separate records of their students.

If they have essential documents such as driver's license or passport, then also you can find a record. If you want to find out information about someone who is on a job then, you can get a lot of information from their company profile.

If they use a phone, it is likely that there is a record of their phone number too. Nowadays you can even find out their mobile phone numbers. Not only that, it is also possible to find the list of each and every call that has been made from a number.

Secondary Records

Utility bills, magazine subscriptions all have records. In fact, it might seem eerie but you can even find out a list of the videos they have ever rented. Doctor prescriptions have records and so do the fact of their having voted. Credit cards and bank accounts all have records. You can even find out their credit card number and bank account number from reverse people look up directories. Intimate records such as credit card number and bank account details are available from paid online directories.

You will also find details of whether they are U.S. citizens or not. If they have served in the defense, you are most likely to find a record. Not only this, criminal records are also available. So now you can find out whether your neighbor was a sex offender or not!

There is also a record of every registered piece of property they have ever bought. Not only that, it might surprise you that their usage of the internet can also be tracked back to them. This is how the CIA finds out terrorists and prevents attacks.

In fact, a social human generally has a few friends and relatives. Now you can trace all of their relations back to their individual records. Thus if you are tracking the criminal records of someone, you can also trace whether their friends also had a criminal record or not.

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